Episode 251

April 22, 2023


#251 Eel Romance feat. Branson Reese

Hosted by

Audrey Donovan
#251 Eel Romance feat. Branson Reese
Radio Free Tote Bag
#251 Eel Romance feat. Branson Reese

Apr 22 2023 | 01:11:31


Show Notes

Yeehaw! Shit continues to be bad! We're going through it STILL but we have an oasis of good times here on the show and it's extra good on account of cartoonist, podcaster, creator of Swan Boy Branson Reese is here with us. We're talking board, we're talking stress, we're talking Branson's work, we're talking eels, and of course we're hearing an embarrassing dating story before getting into your questions:


Moved to a new city, finding your queer and poly identity, but feeling intimidated and "not queer enough" | Trying to date while managing a chronic pain condition and mental illness | How to be as chaotic as Swan Boy? | Wet egg question | What can Swan Boy teach us about LOVE


Thanks again to Branson for joining us! You can find him and his work on Twitter @bransonreese and on Insta @bransonofgod


And thank you for tuning in! You can support the show and get a bonus episode each week at Patreon.com/rftb as well as other neat bonus stuff! This week Alex from Haus of Decline returns and we find an enclave of weird mid-2000s internet.


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