Episode 30

October 11, 2018


#30 Dirty Thirty

Hosted by

Audrey Donovan
#30 Dirty Thirty
Radio Free Tote Bag
#30 Dirty Thirty

Oct 11 2018 | 01:08:23


Show Notes

What's good in Tote Land? This cool episode, that's what. Donovan sees it coming, then Arthur shares an awkward interaction with an old. Remember, if you're planning a trip, respect your trip buddy's feelings about strip clubs. Your flaps are fine. Don't let yourself get sucked into your partner's couch spiral. If you're the funny guy, lean into it. You can use the phrase "No srsly" though. Learn to DJ and throw parties at your place if your friends wanna go out all the time and you wanna stay in. Your libidos aren't always gonna match up, so talk it out, then bang it out. Get her an IUD-Day gift. DON'T LOOK A GIFT DICK IN THE BALLS!

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