Episode 38

December 06, 2018


#38 Tangent Boys

Hosted by

Audrey Donovan
#38 Tangent Boys
Radio Free Tote Bag
#38 Tangent Boys

Dec 06 2018 | 01:04:06


Show Notes

Alright gang welcome to RFTB, a show about relationships and also Donovan's weird Wikipedia habit. We hear some poetry from Arthur and hit some questions like a comet. We talk shitty gifts. Then we get to our THREE questions from the anonymous question box! One is about a cat penis. We're sorry. But the other two are a little bit more on topic! We talk about the ethics of a potential hookup and also how to deescalate a fight with a friend. Back to Reddit, we discuss introducing your SO to your family when you've been talking shit about them and finally an inconsiderate musician boyfriend who's just makin too much dang noise. All this and more here on Radio Free Tote Bag!

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