Episode 250

April 15, 2023


#250 Everybody's Goin Through It feat. Vic Berger

Hosted by

Audrey Donovan
#250 Everybody's Goin Through It feat. Vic Berger
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#250 Everybody's Goin Through It feat. Vic Berger

Apr 15 2023 | 01:06:09


Show Notes

This week! Returning champion Vic Berger is back on the show! We're very excited, we catch up with Vic, and then talk a whole lot of mental health this episode because it seems like everyone is going through it right now. But that means we aren't alone! Sending good energy to all of ya, here's what we get into:


Dealing with existential dread after dealing a pile of rough life events and newly single | How to support a pretty naive friend in their job hunt | How to deal with OCD spirals so you don't get stuck | Feeling weird about watching stereotypical vanilla cis straight porn | Wife keeps yelling X Games? Is that a thing from something? How to stop?? 


Thanks again to Vic for joining us we love him! Find him on Twitter and Instagram @VicBergerIV and hear him each week on Office Hours Live


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