Episode 31

October 18, 2018


#31 Tough Love and the Cat Ham

Hosted by

Audrey Donovan
#31 Tough Love and the Cat Ham
Radio Free Tote Bag
#31 Tough Love and the Cat Ham

Oct 18 2018 | 01:05:44


Show Notes

We're livin the high life folks, except it's that LIGHT high life. We talk light beer, the magic of booze, and Donovan ripping ass while trying to show off at the gym. The beer is smooth and so is he. On the other hand sometimes you can't just rip one right in life's face. Sometimes there are loved ones' feelings involved, even if objectively their music or massive collages or personalities just aren't that great. Or maybe they're 80-something and nearing death's door and you might want to suck up the bad times because you might not have much time left with em. Or maybe your friend's in some important pictures but she doesn't like em but it's not like you can redo your whole goddamn wedding day. In these cases you gotta tread the tightrope carefully and RFTB can help.

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