Episode 39

December 13, 2018


#39 Mission Failed, We'll Get Em Next Time

Hosted by

Audrey Donovan
#39 Mission Failed, We'll Get Em Next Time
Radio Free Tote Bag
#39 Mission Failed, We'll Get Em Next Time

Dec 13 2018 | 01:01:02


Show Notes

Happy Thursday Tote Gang, we're happy to be here with you. And boy do we have a show for you. We've got another great week for the question box. Six whole questions! Unfortunately half of them are follow-ups to the cat penis question from last week. But as always, we respond to them all. We also talk calming down and getting out there to improve your dating game, discovering your gender identity in your late twenties, and how to come out with your political convictions to your parents and family members who are quite in opposition to them. Then we head over to Reddit and whether you're obligated to share your diary with your SO. (You're not.) How to support each other in a relationship when both of you are dealing with mental health issues at the same time. How to deal with a loveable dingus of a boyfriend. And finally if your love interest is justified in being angry at you for not coming outside when she popped over out of nowhere. All this and more singing from Donovan on this week's Radio Free Tote Bag.

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