Episode 29

October 04, 2018


#29 This One's Gotta Lotta Tunes

Hosted by

Audrey Donovan
#29 This One's Gotta Lotta Tunes
Radio Free Tote Bag
#29 This One's Gotta Lotta Tunes

Oct 04 2018 | 00:58:02


Show Notes

Oh man, dear listener, this one has some good ones. And some segment theme songs by our very own DJ Rocketnerd. And some musical drops.But we promise nothing crazy loud like that Linkin Park episode. Also Dono with a special segment on spotting tinder bots. It's RFTB episode 29 rock and friggin roll! Nighttime cock sleeptalk, chewing on lips like they're bubble gum while you're making out? What? Your comically bourgeois family rejecting your mere commoner of a fiance. An anonymous question box question about a guy at work who won't stop blowing up your smartphone like it's a balloon or something. (Maybe throw an unsavory balloon at him!) Self-awareness - that you may be the problem in the relationship. Finding out that MLMs are whack as fuck and then gettin an upgrade from casual friends to real good friends. Hit it!

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