Episode 28

September 27, 2018


#28 Segue-O-Rama

Hosted by

Audrey Donovan
#28 Segue-O-Rama
Radio Free Tote Bag
#28 Segue-O-Rama

Sep 27 2018 | 01:01:41


Show Notes

How about we go from doing what you were just doing, to listening to the podcast while doing what you're doing. Did you feel that POKE in your chest? It's Radio Free Tote Bag! Arthur saw The Nun. It sucked. We answered some question box queries and y'know what? It was dope. Remember these things. Puke happens. If presented with the opportunity, enter the pillow fort. Maintain appropriate distance. GO TO THE DOCTOR IF YOU'RE GREGNANT. Don't offer your friends up to strangers for threesomes. Follow through on Olive Garden plans. Finally, don't judge your partner for their number of partners before you!

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