October 19, 2023


#277 Squirrel Mode//Worm Facts

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Audrey Donovan
#277 Squirrel Mode//Worm Facts
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#277 Squirrel Mode//Worm Facts

Oct 19 2023 | 01:20:17


Show Notes

This episode is SO DRY and tonight, we're cleaning out the Q box!

We did about a million questions so I'm not going to do these in order BUT here's what we get to!

How do you effectively negotiate your emotions when what you need to share is hard for your partner to hear? Especially as a relationship nears its end? | How to navigate dating when you're demisexual? | $60 ceramic pumpkins?? WHO?? | How do you handle a customer getting rowdy with you on the phone in a service position? | We dunk on Melvins | Wife is always talking about tennis hunks but it's a problem when you routinely masturbate to Maria Sharapova?? What gives!? | What little ticks and affectations have we picked up from partners? This one gets really vulnerable, actually! | How do you get into the gym when all you want to do is munch delicious food and hang out? | How do we feel about micropenises? | How to navigate flirting when you're on the autism spectrum? How do you share that you're inexperienced in relationships, also? | How do you broach the subject of work when you're a sex worker? | How do we feel about men that cross dress? | What's the best way to ask for cuddles? | Do we romanticize new partners? How do we get over disappointment related to that? | What do you do when you don't feel desirable in relationships or dating? What if you're always the one who pursues and not the one pursued? | Are there any dating apps that capture the magic of mid 2010s OKCupid in the modern era? | How do you reveal to your friend group that a long-distance friend and you finally started a relationship in the funniest way possible? | A follow up from a choatic friend of the show! Exciting! | Chris Chan | Suck it from behind?

Woo! That's a ton of questions! Thanks so much for listening! 

You can support the show and get a bonus episode each week, Discord access, and a sticker at Patreon.com/rftb This week on the Patreon we talk far too much about Steve Harvey and make drops of Steve Harvey and Audrey tells Donovan that she thinks the show would be better if they were Steve Harvey. It's a wild time!

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