Episode 276

October 12, 2023


#276 He Is The One! feat. Drew Toothpaste

Hosted by

Audrey Donovan
#276 He Is The One! feat. Drew Toothpaste
Radio Free Tote Bag
#276 He Is The One! feat. Drew Toothpaste

Oct 12 2023 | 01:13:39


Show Notes

Giddy up and yeehaw pardners, we're stoked this week to have Drew Toothpaste of dasharez0ne and Everything Is Real fame! We hear an all-timer embarassing dating story involved THE 9/11 before getting to your, the listener's, questions. Here's what we answer:


Dating an autistic person and having trouble conversationally | Navigating an open marriage when your kids and your partner's kids all go to school together | How to handle a friend who's always talking down to himself | A second date (or is it?) and how to proceed


Thanks again to Drew for joining us! Follow him on Bluesky @drewtoothpaste.bsky.social and check out Everything Is Real at garbagebrainuniversity.com


And thank you for tuning in! You can support the show and get a bonus episode each week, Discord access, and a sticker at Patreon.com/rftb This week we have Josh from TWOAPW joining us and we get into the weeds about our high school dating, dance, and internet experiences with some goofy reddit questions and a heinous sponcon article at the Future of Sex

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