May 30, 2024


#307 The Lizard Episode feat. Beetlemoses

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Audrey Donovan
#307 The Lizard Episode feat. Beetlemoses
Radio Free Tote Bag
#307 The Lizard Episode feat. Beetlemoses

May 30 2024 | 01:23:36


Show Notes

Howdy Totebaggers! We're joined this week by Beetlemoses of comics fame, who joins us for a freewheeling conversation that roams from fame to ignominy, from lizards to dogsitting. Then we get into listener questions!


How do you navigate seeing people you know on dating apps? | A beer and a margarita is a cause for concern? If you've ONLY had a beer and a margarita? | An existential sub follows up. | What do you do to cope in the hours and days following a breakup of a relationship of 5 years? | For Beetlemoses: What comics did you expect to be successful that were less so? | For Beetlemoses: What motivates you every day and which is your favorite comic that you've done?


Thanks again to Beetlemoses for joining us! What a homie!

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