Episode 53

April 04, 2019


#53 We Finally Talk About DDLG (And We Hate It)

Hosted by

Audrey Donovan
#53 We Finally Talk About DDLG (And We Hate It)
Radio Free Tote Bag
#53 We Finally Talk About DDLG (And We Hate It)

Apr 04 2019 | 01:03:29


Show Notes

Yeehaw buckaroos it's another Radio Free Tote Bag! Arthur started a new job at the sadness factory and they play shitty radio and he hates it. Donovan regales us with tales from his research assistant gig back in the days. Question time? Question time. IBS making your booty leak? Toss a tampon in there. But be sure to tell your gf or improve your disposal technique before she discovers your secret on her own and gets the wrong idea. A big question box this week! What about an ex you're trying to be friends with but he won't let it go? Or an attraction to the confident but shitty characters in TV shows? Or when the clap of your asscheeks keeps alerting the GUARDS?? And then oh god here it is. Idk how we haven't talked about DDLG but it's happening. And we really do hate it. Finally, don't date your dad's best friend, don't worry about numb cum, and don't worry too much about your gf's tattoo. It's all here this week and we're glad you're with us!

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