Episode 51

March 21, 2019


#51 Coast to Coast Tote Bag

Hosted by

Audrey Donovan
#51 Coast to Coast Tote Bag
Radio Free Tote Bag
#51 Coast to Coast Tote Bag

Mar 21 2019 | 01:03:25


Show Notes

Howdy gang, it's an eventful week for your boys. Dono finally moved and is stoked about it. Arthur had a break up and obviously feels the opposite. But by our powers combined we're gonna make it through and you will too! So what do we got? A social media-obsessed boyfriend. How to better do "CBT". And not the therapy kind. Handling fallout after letting your friend know you have feelings for them. What to do when your otherwise wonderful long term partner gets shithoused and makes out with a stranger (but tells you right away). And finally a friend who's suddenly become hypercritical and irritable towards you. How do you handle these situations? Stay with us, and we'll try our best to tell ya. It's Radio Free Tote Bag.

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