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Welcome to Radio Free Tote Bag! A weekly relationship advice podcast hosted by Audrey and Donovan.

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  1. #124 MEDIUM KING

    Heyo, sorry we're late, had to take our opener Jack to the airport. God he was funny you're gonna love him. Just an all around great guy. Anyways hey we're back with a new ep, just the duo, and we bring you many questions and questionable answers. Fetlife-like sites that aren't ...


  2. [UNLOCKED] RFTB AFTER DARK #5 feat. Kyler Jae

    Bonus time folks! Kyler joins us this week as we do our own Want Will Won't lists on the wheel of paraphilia, talk Kyler's COVID shame, and are hit by another Buzzfeed Quiz Swarm. As always, thanks for your support! Our income thus far has bought Arthur a webcam so we ...


  3. #123 Going Dutch At Checker's feat. Aidenarata

    Artist and writer Aiden Arata is with us in the RFTB ~cyberstudio~ to discuss memes, art, the failures of capitalism, and also some relationship and dating type stuff! We're very excited and we've got a full-ass question box to respond to. Boy howdy, listener. In the Q box realm we discuss ...



    Welcome everyone, to our personal gauntlet. Dono got 4 hours of sleep and Arthur is actively having visual disturbances from a migraine while we record. Arthur demanded we continue though so while we're a little wonky we have some great questions and a listener comment this episode. Good times, thanks ...


  5. #121 The Clique: 9/11 Connection feat. Frannie And Sophie From Girls Like Us Podcast

    It's a crossover episode gang, we're hangin with Frannie and Sophie from Girls Like Us podcast to discuss The Clique, relationships, dating, dump-truck man asses, and 9/11. Our guests tell us about their most embarassing dating stories (feat. my man Steak) and then stick around to help answer listener and ...