August 18, 2022


*BONUS EPISODE* Data Transfer Premiere!

Hosted by

Audrey Donovan
*BONUS EPISODE* Data Transfer Premiere!
Radio Free Tote Bag
*BONUS EPISODE* Data Transfer Premiere!

Show Notes

What's crackin' Tote Land!

It's Audrey here with a special lil thing for your ears!

Friend of the show, partner of the me, Korla and I have been cookin' up a new show called Data Transfer and I'm so excited to debut it on the RFTB Main Feed!

It's a transfeminine reading of the Digimon Adventures anime, starting from the very beginning, which is where you are now! Look for weekly episodes over at in the future, but for right now you can listen to the first ten episodes!

We're gay, we're trans, we're in love and we're gonna talk about what it looks like when Greymon fucks.

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