Episode 24

August 30, 2018


#24 Upsides

Hosted by

Audrey Donovan
#24 Upsides
Radio Free Tote Bag
#24 Upsides

Aug 30 2018 | 01:05:52


Show Notes

You gotta try to look on the upside. We open on a poetry reading, that's pretty good. Arthur's voice is beat af, but that gives him more gravitas, that's good too. Your homeboy bangs your crush? You're eskimo brothers now. Boyfriend asks if you're pregnant in a creepy way? He's family oriented! Condoms in the house after a business trip? He's cheating responsibly! UPSIDES EVERYWHERE. Classic masculinity is repressive, we all know this. If you open him up then don't be surprised when he's more open. Don't try to date your new roommate! If you have a stank friend, you gotta let your stank friend know they stank, even though it's hard. Hold your nose for this one, folks!

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