Episode 222

September 22, 2022


#222 Protect Your Mattress, Protect Your Heart feat. Aiden Arata

Hosted by

Audrey Donovan
#222 Protect Your Mattress, Protect Your Heart feat. Aiden Arata
Radio Free Tote Bag
#222 Protect Your Mattress, Protect Your Heart feat. Aiden Arata

Show Notes

Squirt is pee apparently but honestly who cares. Oh hey I didn’t see you there! It’s RFTB, we’re reading some news at the top, and we’re stoked to have Aiden Arata back with us this week! We catch up with Aiden on her recent engagement before getting into your questions:


Partner is being super weird that you, a NB person, are wearing a suit to a wedding | Bag-el or bay-gel and a ruse | Therapist has set you up with a friend - is this ethical? Is it weird? | Poly but a new partner is trying to demand all your time - how to navigate


Thanks again to Aiden for joining us, truly one of our favorite people and we’re excited every time she’s on :) Follow her @AidenArata on Insta and Twitter for very good stuff


And thank you for tuning in! You can support the show and get a bonus episode each week at Patreon.com/rftb as well as other neat bonus stuff! Wow!


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