Episode 115

August 06, 2020


#114 Butt Stuff: A Shark Week Tradition

Hosted by

Audrey Donovan
#114 Butt Stuff: A Shark Week Tradition
Radio Free Tote Bag
#114 Butt Stuff: A Shark Week Tradition

Aug 06 2020 | 00:58:06


Show Notes

Wooooo we took a week off and now things are way different! Donovan's in the big city and Arthur's not drinking anymore cause quar is fuckin with us. But hey this is truly and improvement and we're stoked about it! So stoked that we simply MUST answer these questions. YES QUESTIONS inluding a man who feels he has been made inadequate by his own sex toy, whether condoms are really that big a detriment to fuckin, fear of face sitting due to having a larger flesh prison, a fella who's going wayyy to all-in on new relationships, navigating a partner's severe anxiety, and finally Donovan learns what Shark Week means. Thanks for your support and we hope you're doing alright out there on this bitch of a earth. If you'd like to support the show and gain access to bonus shows and content, subscribe to us on Patreon for $3 at patreon.com/rftb

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