Episode 288

January 11, 2024


#288 Meet N' Tote Kingdom feat. Tom Pain

Hosted by

Audrey Donovan
#288 Meet N' Tote Kingdom feat. Tom Pain
Radio Free Tote Bag
#288 Meet N' Tote Kingdom feat. Tom Pain

Jan 11 2024 | 01:37:14


Show Notes

What if we spent half the show discusses the Meet N' Fuckiverse? This week's episode answers that question. And joining us, from the 10K Losses podcast, it's Tom Pain! We discuss the aforementioned topic, romance mechanics in video games, and then we hit Tom with our new, bigger and better 1-2 punch interview.


How to slide into DMs on Discord? | How to handle resenting a friend who is "perfect" and makes you feel bad by comparison? | Update on the "saying bro during sex" question | So hot that it's making people always message you mundane compliments on dating apps (what a struggle!) 


Thanks again to Tom for joining us! Listen to Ten Thousand Losses wherever ya find your podcasts!


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