Episode 289

January 18, 2024


#289 He's Gonna Grab Ya! // Cyberdono feat. Rory Blank

Hosted by

Audrey Donovan
#289 He's Gonna Grab Ya! // Cyberdono feat. Rory Blank
Radio Free Tote Bag
#289 He's Gonna Grab Ya! // Cyberdono feat. Rory Blank

Jan 18 2024 | 01:35:03


Show Notes

What's good Tote Gang! Our guest this week is Rory Blank! We discuss the coldwave, recent films, Lincoln Chafee (the subject of our episode art,) and cyberpunk dystopias. Spampunk!


Then, of course, the listener queries from our Question Box!

We offer some guidance to a person who's just ended a long relationship in the midst of a shift in their gender identity. | How do you handle a friend group that ~just~ wants to go to bars and shows when you want to do lower key things? | When you're making art, do you have the audience in mind or do you create for *you?* | I'm a guy but I feel ~gender~ feelings when I see attractive women. What do I do?

Then we talk about Nick Kroll's dad and Blink-182's connections to the military industrial complex.


Find Rory's artwork/merch here!

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Q-Box music for this week: https://youtu.be/_HO86JjtB2c

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