February 16, 2024


#292 Whales and Telephone Poles

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Audrey Donovan
#292 Whales and Telephone Poles
Radio Free Tote Bag
#292 Whales and Telephone Poles

Feb 16 2024 | 01:25:44


Show Notes

It's dry folks this week and we know what you crave. Bickering! We recorded on Valentines day and determined that we are each other's Valentine after much consternation. Audrey describes a recent car accident that she was involved in (she's unharmed!) Donovan spins a yarn about their "fake scottish uncle." It's really good.

Then we do some questions!

How do you, an ADHD having adult who was diagnosed in childhood, handle a partner with a recent ADHD diagnosis navigate impuslvity in spending? How do you address rejection sensitive dysphoria? | A listener follow up about a long-distance age gap relationship. | A harrowing question about family chaos and what to do about a parent who is threatening to harm theirself if you move away. | An RFTB Classic: We give advice to somone who feels trapped in their job and too paralyzed to make a change. (spoiler, you're not!)


Content warning for suicide mention at ~49 minutes in.


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