Episode 255

May 18, 2023


#255 Absolutely Catastrophic Guest Story feat. Caleb @BirdRespecter

Hosted by

Audrey Donovan
#255 Absolutely Catastrophic Guest Story feat. Caleb @BirdRespecter
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#255 Absolutely Catastrophic Guest Story feat. Caleb @BirdRespecter

May 18 2023 | 01:13:36


Show Notes

WOOOOO! We're in the hate phase of the breakup! And yet the energy is fantastic this week on account of we've got @BirdRespecter with us and jesus fucking christ this is one of the most brutal embarassing stories we've heard. No spoilers. We talk Bluesky, recent breakups, Caleb's tragic tale and then your questions:


Trying to date after spending your life with effectively one person | Who is most divorced on WK | Dating tall ladies (we love it) | We hit you with some date ideas | An extremely uplifting update from MR from the eel episode who is now one of our favorite listeners we love you


Thanks again to Caleb for joining us! Genuinely lovely person! @BirdRespecter on Twitter and listen to Western Kabuki wherever podcasts are found


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