Episode 244

March 02, 2023


#244 Weekend Of Sadness feat. Katie Rose Leon

Hosted by

Audrey Donovan
#244 Weekend Of Sadness feat. Katie Rose Leon
Radio Free Tote Bag
#244 Weekend Of Sadness feat. Katie Rose Leon

Mar 02 2023 | 01:07:05


Show Notes

Oh thank god you found us! We've been a mile underground and we're desperate for sunlight and happy to be free. And we've got returning champion Katie Rose Leon with us we're going KRL modeeee and so we're catching up, we're talking about depression, and Steely Dan. And then it's you're questions:


Dating poly people as a mono person | KRL boyfriend voltron | Converting to judaism to get a big ass? | Communication issues in a new potential romance | Attachment style mismatch in an LDR and struggling to handle this | Trying to marry KRL | Sad breakup update but with personal work alongside it | How to be more physically attractive | A mean question that better be a bit


Thanks again to Katie for joining us we love her so much! Listen to Ballin Out Super and follow her on Twitter @katierose


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