Episode 45

January 31, 2019


#45 RFTB Lounge feat. Chris Harrah

Hosted by

Audrey Donovan
#45 RFTB Lounge feat. Chris Harrah
Radio Free Tote Bag
#45 RFTB Lounge feat. Chris Harrah

Jan 31 2019 | 01:01:16


Show Notes

We're stoked this week to have Nashville musician Chris Harrah on the show with us! Chris answers questions with us while tickling the dang ivories and peppering our advice with some beautiful music. We talk issues around one partner's drastic weight loss well into a long relationship. Why you shouldn't jump straight into marriage when you've got a bucket of problems in your relationships. And how to deal with anxiety from your high schools years when you're considering moving back to your hometown. A stub from the question box brings us to pondering having two penises. Then we're back to reddit to discuss a shitty husband who's being unfaithful while his wife is dealing with a back injury and how to transition a mainly text-based mutual interest into in person flirting and dating. It's here, it's good shit, it's Radio Free Tote Bag. NOTE: We had some connection issues this round so we have some trouble talking over each other a few times. We're gonna get AT&T to get their shit together.

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