Episode 3

March 22, 2018


Radio Free Tote Bag Ep. 3

Radio Free Tote Bag
Radio Free Tote Bag Ep. 3

Show Notes

We drink beer and talk about being way too drunk in college and then answer some dang Qs. Our audio sounds real good.

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Episode 139

January 28, 2021

#139 Pussy In The Fourth Dimension feat. Mark Adkins and Martha Gillispie

Hey uh apparently milk comes out of the areolas, can anyone confirm? Oh hi! Sorry, I didn't see you there! Why it's me, Donovan from Radio Free Tote Bag! And I'm here with a new episode this week featuring our friends Mark and Martha and we talk about how they met, nipple sucking ettiquette, and pouring grape soda on nipples? That's a kink? As an aside, Mark and I have a new podcast tentatively coming next month - The Shore! A Jersey Shore watch along. We'll be putting out all of season one at once so you can watch along. We'll post the first ep on this feed so keep an eye out. Follow Mark on Twitter @adkinsmkultra and Marth @itmarpy Thanks as always for tuning in folks! If you'd like to support the show, get access to bonus episodes, and get Arthur one step closer to the balldo you can find us on Patreon at patreon.com/rftb ...



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Episode 24

August 30, 2018

#24 Upsides

You gotta try to look on the upside. We open on a poetry reading, that's pretty good. Arthur's voice is beat af, but that gives him more gravitas, that's good too. Your homeboy bangs your crush? You're eskimo brothers now. Boyfriend asks if you're pregnant in a creepy way? He's family oriented! Condoms in the house after a business trip? He's cheating responsibly! UPSIDES EVERYWHERE. Classic masculinity is repressive, we all know this. If you open him up then don't be surprised when he's more open. Don't try to date your new roommate! If you have a stank friend, you gotta let your stank friend know they stank, even though it's hard. Hold your nose for this one, folks! ...



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Episode 68

July 25, 2019

#68 Pretty Freaking Perfect in my Eyes

What's good, Toteland? In this episode, we explore the origins of ass eating in the western world and them cheeks just turn into two big Christmas hams like in a Daffy Duck cartoon. We answer an embarassing question from Reddit and condemn a man to hell. We scour the floor for tokens at Dave and Buster's. Our good-ol' question box takes us to the ~=FRIENDZONE=~ where we evaluate JEFF's performance. Hey quick question, can you hurry up and git gud? Can you tell your girlfriend to git gud? Is it important she git gud? If you've been dating someone for around a month, should you push for commitment? *SPOILER ALERT* Don't. Choose your own adventure time! You receive a letter from a casual acquaintance you met one time inviting you to go see an expensive concert featuring an artist you discussed. You've given them no information other than your name. Do you go? Do you go if it's Death Grips? Aphex Twin? ...