Episode 79

October 17, 2019


#79 Candiru Candy feat. Seasonal Affective Disorder

Hosted by

Audrey Donovan
#79 Candiru Candy feat. Seasonal Affective Disorder
Radio Free Tote Bag
#79 Candiru Candy feat. Seasonal Affective Disorder

Oct 17 2019 | 01:08:17


Show Notes

Heyyyyoooo it's fall folks! The leaves are falling, the days are getting shorter, and the mental illnesses are back in swing cause it's S.A.D. season, baby! Ya know what though we're in a good mood today and we're here to bring you up with us. By talking about relationships. And that Amazon fish that allegedly swims up your pee stream into your schwanz. But in candy form. Ah right, this is a show about relationships, here's what we've got: - You're a guy but you want to sub. Is that cool? Well yes, but your phrasing is a little suspect. - Guy met at festival. You're into him! Or are you? Well he's coming to visit but you're not sure if that's a good idea. Cool to cancel? - Your zoomer brother is posting some questionable, misogynist, corny shit on Insta. How do you let him know that that's not ok? - QUESTION BOX TIME! We have some weird leftover questions from our episode with Katy and, per our policy, we gotta try to answer the more general ones. So it's time for a lightning round. - How do you know when you're ready to date again after a long term relationship ends? - Shower sex! Hot in theory, literally steamy in practice and that gets slippery and kinda shitty when it actually happens. We discuss. - Crush on a gal but now she's with someone. Is it kosher to mute her social media? Folks, we're gonna make it through the dark and grey months. RFTB is here for you. And we love you. And if you love us, hit us with a review on iTunes or wherever if you can, it helps us out. P E A C E

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