Episode 64

June 27, 2019


#64 A Listener Claps Back, Jackson, And Mourning

Hosted by

Audrey Donovan
#64 A Listener Claps Back, Jackson, And Mourning
Radio Free Tote Bag
#64 A Listener Claps Back, Jackson, And Mourning

Jun 27 2019 | 01:06:21


Show Notes

Misophonia Warning: We open with me chewing very professionally. And then we get into some shit. Folks, it's Radio Free Tote Bag and here's what we talked about this week: - Wealthy dude seems to have stolen your girl's heart, what's up with that shit? - How do you let your partner know you need to sleep alone for a night without hurting their feelings? - You had an emotional breakdown and got upset at your friend's funeral. Should you apologize to the mom? (We think yes, but for different reasons than you may think) - What to do when your partner is in a financial rut but you still want to do fun things together? As always, communication is key. Then it's Q Box time, where we have our first listener complaint! Re: our DDLG hate episode. We respond. Back to Reddit: - You gf doesn't appreciate your man thong. What do? - Finally, a women is told at work to be more confident. She does it, and now people are saying she's being too much. Lol classic misogynistic Catch 22. We go in on em. Folks, thanks for hanging with us. And as I said at the end of the episode: if you found this podcast from one of the stickers I put up in the gnarly Bonnaroo porta potties, please do let me know. That'd be rad.

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