Episode 62

June 06, 2019


#62 Meme Rock feat. Lake Markham of Pineapple Tours/Bald Internet Man/The Filthy Frank Show

Hosted by

Audrey Donovan
#62 Meme Rock feat. Lake Markham of Pineapple Tours/Bald Internet Man/The Filthy Frank Show
Radio Free Tote Bag
#62 Meme Rock feat. Lake Markham of Pineapple Tours/Bald Internet Man/The Filthy Frank Show

Jun 06 2019 | 01:10:58


Show Notes

A man of many talents with here today, it's Lake Markham! Former Bald Chocolate Man and Current Bald Internet Man (and musician), Lake's here to talk about his work AND answer your questions! Relationship-related or otherwise. Buckle in, let's do this. We talk about Lake's background, Japan, how he got into music, how he ended up on the fuckin Filthy Frank Show, and of course, his worst relationship story. Then it's question time and here's what we've got: - When's the right time to ask your partner if they want to have kids? - How do you tell your family you're into buttpee? - Is calling your BF "Daddy" in bed weird? - And then the tables are turned - what are Dono and Arthur's worst relationship stories? We take a couple Reddit questions, and... - Can your partner get a UTI if you go down on em after going down on the backdoor? - Is a hotwife kink risky for the relationship? We end with special outro music, Pineapple Tours' "Did You Laugh?" Thanks to Lake for comin' on the show, he was great! If you want to check out Lake's work, take a look at these here links: [Bald Internet Man:](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcBjMJODyNLgQWPRSdIrv7A) [Pineapple Tours](https://soundcloud.com/patourstheband)

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