Episode 49

February 28, 2019


#49 Weird Riddle Question Box And The Wife Nude Holster

Hosted by

Audrey Donovan
#49 Weird Riddle Question Box And The Wife Nude Holster
Radio Free Tote Bag
#49 Weird Riddle Question Box And The Wife Nude Holster

Feb 28 2019 | 01:04:17


Show Notes

Well hell yea it's Tote Bag and we've got relationship questions and also some weird shit in the question box that's unrelated but fun. Here we go, ganggggg, uhhh problems cumming with a partner, stinky peens, getting an unsolicited nude in front of your ex, only being able to masturbate to your partner, a cool remix of country roads, sixty-nine, and like a whole bunch of other good stuff. It's like 3am and I'm going to bed. But RFTB never sleeps and we're glad you're here with us!

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