Episode 229

November 10, 2022


#229 Furtive Lobby Handy feat. Library Punk

Hosted by

Audrey Donovan
#229 Furtive Lobby Handy feat. Library Punk
Radio Free Tote Bag
#229 Furtive Lobby Handy feat. Library Punk

Nov 10 2022 | 01:08:24


Show Notes

Shh! Ha ha, just playin listener, it's a hilarious bit on account of we have Jay and Justin from Library Punk podcast with us! And we're havin a goofy ol time up from with two embarassing date stories before getting into your questions. Here's what we get into:


Wanting to watch your favorite show with you're partner but they keep cracking jokes the whole time | Dennis follows up | Dating someone new, how to not overwhelm them! | Ending a relationship with someone who is dependent on you | Our bird mating dances revealed


Thanks to Jay and Justin for joining us! You can find them and their show on Twitter @librarypunk


And thank you for tuning in! You can support the show and get a bonus episode each week at Patreon.com/rftb as well as other neat bonus stuff! Wow!

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