Episode 183

December 09, 2021


#183 This Is The Story Of A... Car! feat. Nate @vrunt

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Audrey Donovan
#183 This Is The Story Of A... Car! feat. Nate @vrunt
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#183 This Is The Story Of A... Car! feat. Nate @vrunt

Dec 09 2021 | 01:05:47


Show Notes

Folks! We've got Nate aka @vrunt with us this week to answer your queries and goddamn it's a wide range this week! Nate tells us about his Twitter times, a good ol embarassing dating story, and also we're talkin that Story Of A Girl song cause it's stuck in my dang head. And then Qs! Here's what we've got:


Best way to break up with someone | When do you have the Cussy Talk with your partner? | Wanting a relationship with an FWB but they don't seem receptive | Dono is Seth Green?? | A follow-up on a recent question | Have ya ever cheated? | Good ways to show your partner you appreciate em | Machiavellian cat shenanigans


Thanks again to Nate for joining us! Find him on Twitter @vrunt he's a great follow if ya don't already


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