Episode 135

December 31, 2020


#135 I'm Suave Off Mic feat. Anders Lee

Hosted by

Audrey Donovan
#135 I'm Suave Off Mic feat. Anders Lee
Radio Free Tote Bag
#135 I'm Suave Off Mic feat. Anders Lee

Dec 31 2020 | 01:02:55


Show Notes

The friggin superhero glove is complete folks! Anders Lee from Pod Damn America and Redacted Tonight is here with us to discuss (how bad) doing stand up in front of a date, the origins of "Anders Lee here", and absolutely whiffing making a move. Then Anders helps us answer questions SUCH AS... How to get your partner to embrace your bucket hat | A listener has a similar situation to someone from last ep - is a strap-on ever a good gift? | A listener suggest we all trade compliments and it's really a nice time | Is there a quiet way to spank? | Oh god my cat saw me boning | Feeling sex aggression with a partner for the first time Follow Anders Lee on Twitter [@andersleehere](https://twitter.com/andersleehere) and listen to Pod Damn America wherever podcasts are found. Thanks for tuning in folks! If you'd like to access bonus episodes and support the show you can follow us at patreon.com/rftb

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