Episode 163

July 15, 2021


#163 The Joy of Rustling feat. Jesse Farrar

Radio Free Tote Bag
#163 The Joy of Rustling feat. Jesse Farrar

Show Notes

What's poppin' Totebaggers? It's RFTB once again with special guest Jesse Farrar of the Go Off Kings Twitch stream as well as the podcast, Your Kickstarter Sucks!

Marvel as we discuss the cuteness of dimples, the utility of a driving job and the healing power of resting your hand on the pommel.

You can find Jesse's handiwork at https://www.twitch.tv/gooffkings and YKS is available wherever podcasts are sold.

Thanks for tuning in! You can support the show and get a bonus episode each week at patreon.com/rftb

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