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Welcome to Radio Free Tote Bag! A weekly relationship advice podcast hosted by Arthur and Donovan.

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  1. After Dark #38 Preview

    Don't go through your partner's phone and don't torture people.For access to this episode and our back catalog of bonus episodes, head on over to$5/month = 4 bonus episodes a month! ...


  2. #167 She's The One With The Greasy Touch!

    DRY FOLKS DRY FOLKS buckle tf in gang, we're like Jeb Bush on adderall in here! Whatever that means, it's been a long day. But we have many of question and we're amped to get into em.   First a heads up - Trigger Warning on assault at 37:00. Alright here's what ...


  3. #166 Gender Reveal Party feat. Korla

    It's Audrey motherfuckers! And we're celebratin with friend of the show Korla and a whole big question box. We talk transitions and Audrey's experience over the past few months, get an embarassing story from Korla, and then get into the celebratory cornucopia y'all sent us - the Q box: Resisting temptation, ...


  4. After Dark #37 Preview

    For access to our Radio Free Tote Bag After Dark series, head on over to$5 a month gets a bonus episode every week and access to all previous bonus episodes!  ...


  5. #165 Is There No Sauce Without Secrets?? feat. Andrew Hillary

    Gather round the podfire gang, cause this week we're joined by Andrew Hillary from the Worst Week Yet podcast! And he comes prepared with an embarassing tale of shooting his shot unsuccessfully and a big ol' bag of questions from y'all! Here what's we get into: Poetry hats strapped on - ...