Episode 8

April 26, 2018


#8 Arthur Learns to Drive

Hosted by

Audrey Donovan
#8 Arthur Learns to Drive
Radio Free Tote Bag
#8 Arthur Learns to Drive

Show Notes

Arthur can legally drive now! We talk retail, LA traffic, my old car, dirty roommates and filthy SOs, our emoji histories, secret revenge porn, and we share the sweet sounds of our stomach gasses with you, the listener. As they say, you can never get enough Radio Free Tote Bag!

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Episode 60

May 23, 2019

#60 Reproductive Rights and Scranathon feat. Charlotte Ulrich

Heyo folks we've got superfan and friend of the show Charlotte with us to answer questions and talk activism for reproductive rights! Given the recent legislation in Alabama, we encourage you to get involved. Links to the nonprofits we discuss are at the bottom of this description. How bout the questions though? Well... - Self conscious about boob size and your BF is making it worse even though his intentions are good. What do ya do? - Your GF had her male coworker come to the DMV with you. Should you be wigged out? (nah) Then, the Q box is goofy as hell this week but a good time, featuring... - Co-worker's crazy ex - Love for us (we love you too) - Love for Charlotte - Fursona discussion Finally, more Reddit where we discuss... - BF is being weird and flagrant about his porn viewing. It's making you uncomfortable. It sucks, what the hell do you do? - Do you keep your clothes on during sex? (not typically lmao) Thanks Charlotte for coming on! Links: A Step Ahead Foundation www.astepaheadmiddletn.org Middle Tennessee Branch abortionfunds.org ...



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Episode 28

September 27, 2018

#28 Segue-O-Rama

How about we go from doing what you were just doing, to listening to the podcast while doing what you're doing. Did you feel that POKE in your chest? It's Radio Free Tote Bag! Arthur saw The Nun. It sucked. We answered some question box queries and y'know what? It was dope. Remember these things. Puke happens. If presented with the opportunity, enter the pillow fort. Maintain appropriate distance. GO TO THE DOCTOR IF YOU'RE GREGNANT. Don't offer your friends up to strangers for threesomes. Follow through on Olive Garden plans. Finally, don't judge your partner for their number of partners before you! ...



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Episode 223

September 29, 2022

#223 Grill And Chill Erasure feat. Haus of Decline

Whelp, that intro could've used a couple more test runs but what are ya gonna do? Welcome aboard gang, another week on the Tote Train and an extra special one on account of we have Alex from Haus of Decline joining us! And since Alex was on the bonus last time we gotta hit him with the classic embarassing dating stories ask before going completely off the rails and then hitting your questions, here's what we've got:   Bit of a TW for suicide on this first one - we address a concerning message in the question box | A fat gay misanthrope - can you find love? | Audrey's go-to opening message for dating apps is apparently working for a listener | Catching feelings for a close friend | Venting about a recent ex who doesn't use soap (stinky)   Thanks again to Alex for joining us! Find him, his work, and his show on Twitter @hausofdecline it's all extremely good and hey Dono's on a recent ep!   And thank you for tuning in! You can support the show and get a bonus episode each week at Patreon.com/rftb as well as other neat bonus stuff! Wow!  ...