Episode 159

June 19, 2021


#159 Breakups Are Hard, Gang

Hosted by

Audrey Donovan
#159 Breakups Are Hard, Gang
Radio Free Tote Bag
#159 Breakups Are Hard, Gang

Show Notes

FOLKS delayed ep due to breakup, we talk about that and take a bunch of listener questions! It is now Saturday at 730pm and I am grillin n chillin so this is the description for now

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Howdy gang it's RFTB where this week we have Minion Death Cult's Alexander Edward with us! We love MDC and we've been stoked for this one. Alex tells us about some bad dating tales, we pull the ol' inquisition on Arthur, and we head to a full question box where we find... A Frasier vs Austin Powers venn diagram | Humble boys and overcoming constant performance anxiety | That particular kind of numb depression we know and love leads to a post-sex panic attack | A seriously rough follow-up from a question asker from last week (who we sincerely wish the best with this) | More moaning needed from men in porn, does it even exist? | What's the best butt rock to get in the ~mood~ with? Thanks again to Alex for coming on, extremely good dude and we loved chatting with him. You can find him on Twitter [@flieldy](https://twitter.com/flieldy) and listen to him and Tony on MInion Death Cult And thank you for tuning in! Want to support the show and get a bonus episode each week, often with the guest from the main ep? Find us at Patreon.com/rftb! ...



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FOLKSSSS Dono is back in action! And by some bizarre twist of fate, our guests this week are John McAfee and his wife Janice. This is pretty strictly an interview episode. We ask John how different countries prison experiences stack up and hear about how he and Janice got together. Suffice to say, it is the wildest relationship story we've ever heard. We say this in the episode but I reiterate, this is not an endorsement from us. I encourage you to research John if you're not familiar, there are multiple articles and a documentary. However, from a relationship perspective, his and Janice's story is fascinating. As always, we love you all. ...