Episode 91

January 23, 2020


#91 Big Date Energy

Hosted by

Audrey Donovan
#91 Big Date Energy
Radio Free Tote Bag
#91 Big Date Energy

Jan 23 2020 | 01:04:20


Show Notes

Arthur went on a date and it was fkn cool. Donovan went to therapy and that was fkn cool too. Spark up a sativa and go for the brrt brrt before we skrrt skrrt to the short skirt that your boyfriend makes you wear. We firmly affirm the firm connection between war-buddies. Hold on. Fan fic about r/Relationships questions. Million dollar idea. Don't pass out! Witness Cock Power! Don't break eye contact! Hey so if you have a minute can you tell us your favorite moments from RFTB history? We're coming up on episode 100 and we wanna do a clip show with the best moments from the past 100 episodes. Help us out!

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