November 04, 2021


#178 This Shirt Gave Me Head feat. Aaron Thorpe

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#178 This Shirt Gave Me Head feat. Aaron Thorpe

Show Notes

It's RFTB! We're here! And Aaron Thorpe from the Trillbillies is back with us which we are very excited about on account of he's great. We chat about mental health and the dating world before gettin into your questions:


To move to "the one that got away" or follow your career? A crossroads | Debating attending the funeral of an ex you dated for a long time | Getting over fear of romantic intimacy after seven years single | Coming out as gay in your 30s | Navigating a relationship where your partner has PTSD | How to stop stressing about a shitty roommate situation


Thanks again to Aaron for joining us! You can find Aaron on Twitter @paradoomer and hear him on The Trillbillies podcast!


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