Episode 173

September 30, 2021


#173 Gump Style feat. James J Asher

Hosted by

Audrey Donovan
#173 Gump Style feat. James J Asher
Radio Free Tote Bag
#173 Gump Style feat. James J Asher

Sep 30 2021 | 01:06:15


Show Notes

Welcome back to RFTB where my tongue is still too big for my mouth! Also we have Youtuber/podcaster James J Asher with us! James tells us a good ol embarassing dating story before we answer your questions and also create a Forrest Gump fashion line. Here's what we get into:


Ya have a couple casual hookups going but are looking for a relationship, how do you figure this out | Return of the drunk cake slicer | Rock climbing slang in a v different way | A lil pushback on Dono and the GLU gals Croc defense in light of our take on Basketball Shorts BF | More Dono thirst posting | Kelsey Grammar as Mario? Yes | Chii's ghost kitchen


Thanks again to James for joining us! You can find his show That Thing With James J. Asher on Youtube here! 

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