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Welcome to Radio Free Tote Bag! A weekly relationship advice podcast hosted by Audrey and Donovan.

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Episode 215

August 04, 2022

#215 No Nicotine Naugust feat. Kumars Salehi

Dear listeners I come to you this week in brain pain. My beloved nicotine has been taken from me by the powers that be (my will to be healthier). And so I'm not the sharpest I've ever been but luckily we have Kumars Salehi with us again to help answer your questions! We catch up with Kumars and then we get into it:   Long time partner does not wipe properly and it's causing some gnarly issues | Trying to get mom to stop smoking to no avail - let it go? | Followup on the "eating it from the front vs back" question | Audrey thirst post! | Self-deprecating humor question followup   Thanks again to Kumars for joining us! Find him on Twitter @KumarsSalehi and check out his show Delete Your Account!   And thank you for tuning in! You can support the show and get a bonus episode each week at Patreon.com/rftb as well as other neat bonus stuff! Wow! ...



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Episode 214

July 28, 2022

#214 For All The Mormons In The Audience feat. Daddy

Yeehaw folks it's RFTB, we've got Dylan with us, and we've got a full ass question box this week. We chat, Dono tries to awaken, and then we hit a particularly full Q box:   Sex dreams and their relationship to your sex life | Ever have to fake an orgasm while be-penised? | Partner has been clearly underwhelmed by sex but is claiming everything is fine | Relationship starts with good sex but anxiety starts building out of nowhere and ruins things | Bratty ass boyfriend   Thanks again to Dylan for joining us, follow him on Twitter @itsprobablycrab   And thank you for tuning in! You can support the show and get a bonus episode each week at Patreon.com/rftb!   ...



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July 27, 2022

After Dark 86 Preview

"My goats are dead!"For this bonus episode and more like it head on over to Patreon.com/RFTB $5/month gets you a bonus episode every week and access to our discord! We'd love to have you join us! ...



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Episode 213

July 21, 2022

#213 My Snout Is Directly In Your Butt feat. Kath Barbadoro

Kath Barbadoro joins us once again for a fun-filled party down!Is self-deprecating humor unsexy? WTF Do about annoying coworker? How do you deal with the sexual side effects of Lexapro and Adderall, as well as the sexual changes brought about by gender-affirming hormone replacement therapy? How do you eat it from the back if you think her butt is less-than-appetizing?Also, a listener follows up! We love a listener follow up!Thanks again to Kath for joining us, she's always a hoot. Follow her on Twitter @KathBarbadoro and find her lovely lovely podcasts therein! ...



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Episode 212

July 14, 2022

#212 A Badly Edited Collage of Disappointment feat. Liam Anderson and Rin

Except it's super not! Liam Anderson was talking about his old Tinder bio! We're also joined by Liam's lovely partner Rin!A few listeners say really sweet things, Audrey does a Donovan impression, we examine a listener with a strange habit. Talk about concern trolling! Audrey almost nails a tongue twister, a listener wonders if they'll ever find love and we finally settle a long-standing Pennsylvania debate. Gastergastrizophilia! Thanks so much for tuning in! You can find Liam and Rin at the twitter links below  @notliamanders0n @rinnie_tha_poohAs well as Liam's podcasts https://twitter.com/wtyppodhttps://twitter.com/lions_byhttps://twitter.com/tenklossespod   You also hear more of us with less technical issues on this week's bonus episode at patreon.com/rftb    ...



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July 11, 2022

After Dark #83 Preview

Patreon.com/RFTB for Bonus Episodes and bonus segments... Like this one!Big thanks to Rax King for joining us on this one! ...