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Welcome to Radio Free Tote Bag! A weekly relationship advice podcast hosted by Audrey and Donovan.

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  1. #187 It Means You Can Never Have Fun Again feat. Anders Lee

    Folks! We continue on this runaway minecart we call 2022 and this week we've got Anders Lee here joining us again! We catch up with Anders, talk fizzy beverages, and then hit a whole pile of your questions.   Thanks again to Anders for joining us! You can find him on Twitter ...


  2. After Dark #58 Preview

    You can join the Hoagie Rewards Club at $5 a month you get a bonus episode every week, and for $10 you get a shoutout on the main feed! ...


  3. #186 Gender Reveal 2: Gender Harder feat. Korla

    Giddy up gang, new year new me! Dono comin out as Enby on this one and we have friend of the show and partner of the Audrey here to celebrate, it's Korla! So we talk about that business, seltzer burps, and video games before gettin into your questions:     Paralyzed and unable ...


  4. #185 RFTB Christmas Spectacular 2021 feat. Daddy

    Merry Christmas, happy holidays and all that! This is placeholder text! ...


  5. #184 The Slunk Noise feat. Alex Ptak

    Golly gee it's a brand new week of RFTB! That's kind of a rhyme! And we've got Alex Ptak back with us this week to update us on his facial hair growth and help us navigate the ethics of baby whiskey. Then we get into your questions, here's what we ...